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transistor amplifier circuit

transistor amplifier circuit:

Here in this article, we are going to learn how to add more or extra transistor to our old transistor amplifier circuit board.

Making an amplifier is so easy if you know how to make. here you can watch how to add more transistor to your amplifier if you have transistor amplifier. here you can learn about A1943 and C5200 transistor. this transistor can run 12-volt up-to 70 volt. how to calculate the amp. it’s better to give per transistor 1.2amp. so if you want to make 1000 watts. We know (Volt X Amp)= Watts. So (50volt X20Amp)=1000Watts. if you use 14 transistor 14X1.2=21amp.

So if you use 50-0-50 Volt and 20 Amp transformer and 7pic of A1943 and 7pic of C5200 transistor then you can get 1000 Watts. If you add more transistor to your amplifier, Re mine that you must increase the volt and ampere to your Transformer according to your amplifier circuit. it’s will depend to your transistor. here you can learn How to add the transistor. so let’s Watch How to add more transistor to your amplifier.

transistor amplifier circuit



This amplifier power spec is 600W with the stereo system. with this power amplifier, 600Watt RMS 8Ohmyou can use it for amplifying your audio for home or public amplifier. This circuit is matched for power amplifier home and public audio. But also you can use for car audio.
I say a fanatic audio amplifier circuit with completely sound and popular using transistor 2SC5200 2SA1943 This circuit takes high-quality electronic components with pair power amp good function and PCB has not bug.





Managing heat of transistor power with the light heat sink that guarantees is not overheat.This is power amplifier circuit using C5200  and A1943 transistor. 




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