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Three scientific reason you should know

Three scientific reason you should know

What is aquasever?


Aquasever is a water recycling technique or technology. The water used in this method is used again by processing. Water is used by this method in different countries of the world including the United States and Australia. At Aquasever, water is flown through two tires with the help of pumps and bulbs to remove floating wastes of water at first, and then the water is driven on the pylon leaves, and finally the water flows through a carbon filter, and it is completely pollution free. The water used in home households is usually processed and reused. British electrical engineer Michael Burton invented this technology for the first time in 1992.

What is the work of refrigerators compressor?


The work of the refrigerator composer is to make the frictional form of the fuel high in liquid fuel and then reduce the pressure to the vapor. By compressing the gaseous friction of the compressor leads to high pressure and temperature, so that the fray in the condensate of the friction is exposed to the air and it turns out to be liquid fuel. If the compressor is turned on, then the fluid froze evaporates in the coil and the pressure decreases rapidly. The refrigerators compressor process in this process.

Why air zero bulb does not break under air pressure?

air zero bulb

Although there is empty space inside the glass bulb, its curved shape does not break it in air pressure. More of the ability to endure curvature. In normal air pressure, about 75 kg of power is applied to a bulb of 10 cm diameter. But due to curvature the air zero bulb does not break. For the same reason, the egg can not be broken by pressing both hands.

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