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stk 4141 and stk 4121 datasheet

stk4121 datasheet and circuit diagram using STK4141 with the diagram:

STK IC is the best IC in sound World. Nowadays there have many transistors amplifier circuit board have on the market. Stk 4121 ic is a class AB amplifier. although now we can get many classifications amplifier circuit in our market. now transistor amplifier is so popular but STK IC is the best for the sound World. This IC can run with 15-0-15 voltage to 32-0-32 voltage. and we can get minimum of 150 watts maximum. 

stk 4141 and stk 4121 datasheet

This is the Circuit Diagram 

 stk 4141 and stk 4121 datasheet



Let’s watch the Video 


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