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speaker protection circuit pcb

Speaker protection circuit. Crossover:

We use Crossover for speaker and tweeter safety.speaker protection circuit PCB. If we don’t use the crossover to our sound box, we must lose Tweeter First then Speaker Also. Normally IC based amplifier blow 100W no need crossover. only use one 1uf 50volt capacitor to protect the Tweeter. for Speaker no need anything. But the high watts amplifier and High sound box need Crossover must for speaker protection.

  speaker protection circuit pcb

Here in this photo, you can see a simple diagram of crossover. and also have a component list is there.




C1=Capacitor 1 is 4.42Uf 100 voltage.

C2=Capacitor 2 is 13.26uf 100 voltage

C3 =capacitor 3 is 8.84uf 100 voltage.



L1=Inductor 1 is 0.32mH

L2=Inductor 2 is 0.64mH

L3=Inductor 3 is 0.21mH

It’s all component. You can make a crossover to your self. it’s so easy to make.

here have an easy diagram of speaker protection. you can make it using one 10 ampere fuse, one 2uf fan capacitor and one 400 voltage 0.47K pf.

speaker protection circuit pcb

you can see here in this diagram.

Now we are going to Watch a Video of a crossover.

We can see in this video we use a crossover for this speaker protection. If we don’t use this crossover then the Tweeter will be blown within 2 munites. because of the tweeter needs the only tone. if tweeter can’t take the bass. there have many kinds of crossover. you can use as you need. 3-way crossover, have one input and 3 output, 1st is the tweeter, 2nd is mid, 3rd is bass. another normal one has one input and 2 output. 1st is tweeter and 2nd is the speaker. the crossover can buy from the electronic market. or if you can’t find out you can make your self. here we give a diagram for you. there has detail for this speaker protection circuit. 


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