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how to repair weight machine?

Do you wanna to know that how to repair weight machine?

what is a weight machine?

Weight machine is a way to know about you or good’s weight. Really it’s a so so important in our daily life. Every where you have to use Weight machine.Many kinds of Weight machine have. To day I repair a Weight machine used for Human being. 


Let’s Watch how to repair.

Here this Video you can see one Weight machine made with full Glass. it’s not a normal glass. also you can see 4 stand or 4 leg. there have the circuit in the leg. inside got four switch. you can see in the video. I just replace the Switch only. this switch used for on/off the machine. when some one bring to me to repair the machine.the machine was off. The switch can’t working.I just checked first and replace the switch. You also don’t worry first. first you will open the switch and check using the meter. if the switch are ok check the battery connector. some time the battery connector have problems.  some people asked me where they can find the switch? you open the switch and go to a electronic shop. you can find the switch to them. or if you can’t find the switch. what to do? don’t worry. there have many switch in our other electronic product which we are not using now. like as CD Player, the CD Player have switch panel. there inside got this switch. you can open the CD Player and take out the switch from there. first you check the switch. if the switch are ok you can use to weight machine. if your switch are ok. working properly. see the circuit board. there you need to check. 

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