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How to repair Speaker and Speaker cone replace

How to repair Speaker? Speaker cone replace:

Today we are going to repair a Blown speaker. Speaker repairing is a very easy work if we know as well. we can buy all elements from any electronic shop. here in this article, we can see how many elements need for repairing a speaker and How to repair Speaker?

repair Speaker

To repairing a Speaker is so easy Work if you know that how to repair a Speaker.

First, we have to introduce the materials for repairing a speaker, first, we have to take out all things from that speaker which speaker we are going to repair. first, we need the speaker body. be careful of the magnet hole. if there have any dust the speaker can’t make the clear sound. it will make noise. we can see in the video which video I add in this article. 


Coil: We use 2 type of coil. 4Ohm and 8 Ohm. For voice Speaker, we use 4ohms coil and for Bass Speaker, we use  8Ohm Coil.                                                                                                                                                                           4Ohm coil for voice.

for tone/voice speaker we use the 4-ohm coil.

repair Speaker


8 Ohm coil for Bass: 

For the bass, we use the 8-ohm coil.

repair Speaker


Now The Spider:

repair Speaker

Spider Hold the coil. it helps the Coil to make the sound. When the Speaker make bass the spider hold the coil and help to make spring with speaker paper. 

Now the speaker Paper/ cone :

repair Speaker

Speaker cone makes the Voice Wave.we can buy many kinds of the cone. with the woofer and without the woofer. we can use according to our needs. for bass speaker, we must have to use woofer cone.


Speaker Dust Cap: 

Dust cap protects the dust. Dust can’t go inside the magnet Whole. it can make the speaker looking good. 

repair Speaker


Let’s Watch the Video how to repair a Speaker?

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