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how to repair rice cooker not heating

how to repair rice cooker not heating:

About rice cooker: A rice cooker is an automated kitchen device designed to boil or steam rice. let’s see how to repair rice cooker, not heating.

How to repair rice cooker: 

It’s a very simple work for repairing a rice cooker. It’s only a heater which heater is controlled by an auto switch.

A rice cooker has some parts: let’s go how to repair rice cooker, not heating.

Heater coil:  


repair rice cooker

You can see here the heater coil. Normally it has 500 watts to 5000 watts. it’s 1000 watts. it’s for home use. it has 2 sockets you can see in the picture. it is the connector for AC voltage.it depends on your country. if your country voltage is 110 you have to connect with 110. or 220 you will. 

How to check the coil:

you use the meter for the check. if the connection has contact ok means the coil ok or contact fail that’s mean it’s spoily. 

and you must check the body with the connector of the coil. if body and connector have connected that’s mean the coil is dangerous for use. the ac voltage will come out from the body. it will shock you.

   Thermostat Limiter Sensor:

repair rice cooker

This switch has a magnet and a spring. it can’t work for only Rust. 

you can try to wash and clean maybe it can work. or it can’t just change it.

Thermal fuse:


repair rice cooker

It’s a simple fuse. use the meter for check it. normally 80% rice cooker problem is this fuse. just change. it can’t repair. just need to change. use meter for check it. if can’t work that’s means spoilt. just change.

Ac socket for rice cooker:

repair rice cooker

at first, we need to check 2 things. we can see the red cover in the plag.

you can see a red cover inside the plag. there has a fuse. must check this fuse first.

after checking all socket.

Now lets we watch the Video. how to repair rice cooker.


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