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RAM ROM And Bits And Bytes

What are they?

RAM ROM And Bits And Bytes

RAM ROM And Bits And Bytes

What is the computer RAM?

Random Access Memory
Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory, It’s a kind of computer data storage or memory. Can be access so randomly. Integrated circuit based semiconductor memory made from silicon based transistors. It’s fast, small and light in size, but expensive.

The operating system is loaded here when the computer starts, which allows the computer to do various tasks. RAM is the primary memory of the computer, most of the volatile memory. That means the data is deleted from the memory if the computer is shut down.


The computer’s main


memory or memory is mainly of two types. Which are, Temporary memory / RAM and permanent memory / ROM.

What does the computer’s ROM mean?


Read Only Memory, It is a kind of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. It has different data and software pre-loaded, which can never be changed. ROM chips are typically semiconductor based integrated circuits. These are non-volatile memory. Modern many Rom’s are Programmable.

What are the bits and bytes on computer systems?

BIT in Computer.jpg

The basic unit of information on computers and telecommunications is bit. There are only two values – ‘0’ and ‘1’. Electronic signals or information in digital computer is expressed or processed by ‘0’ and ‘1’ in binary mode. This ‘0’ or ‘1’ is the bit.

On the other hand, if a few bits represent a number or a sign, then it is called byte. In computer system there is 8 bits in one byte.

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