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how to make 1000 watts amplifier?

How to make 1000 watts amplifier?


If you want to make an amplifier, You just need to know how many watts you need. You have to make an amplifier according to your Watts.What’s you need to make an amplifier?



First, you need the Knowledge to make an amplifier.

1.voltage X ampere=Watts.

50volt X 20amp=1000Watts.

If you want to make Transformer by your won self just watch this video.

Making Transformer 

If you can make transformer by your own self it will be good for your making amplifier,I made by my self If you want to make you also can. Watch the video and try to make. now need Diode and Capacitor, I used 1 Diode and 4pic Capacitor. If you want to use more capacitor you also can. Used 100volt 10,000MFD Capacitor.

Now the amplifier circuit.

Here I used A1943 and C5200 Transistor. remind That per transistor can take max=1.2 amp. so if you use 20amp, You must use 14 transistors otherwise The transistor will be hot and burnt. here this video I use a 12 transistor board. I had to use 18 amp transformer. but I used 20 amp transformer.  

 If you want to make this circuit diagram

how to make 1000 watts amplifier?


how to make 1000 watts amplifier?



Watch this video to complete this circuit Click Here

I Buy this circuit from the market and I complete the circuit. When I bought It had no Transistor. I put in 12 transistors in this circuit. if you can buy as complete it will be good for you. or if you don’t find this circuit in your market just make by your self. be careful all capacitor will be 100volt and all resistor will be 2 Watts. So Please watch this video which I made for you. and must subscribe this channel for getting more and new video. 

Thank you so much.

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