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lcd tv boards explained

LCD tv boards explained LCD & Led TV Board Information and how to make an LCD TV:

This post for making a Lcd 0r Led tv From an old Lcd Monitor. Before making you have to know that.  first, you have to know about Lcd or Led Panel. LCD & Led TV Board Information and how to make an LCD TV with Video

LCD panel repair

There are many different types of LCD panel technologies of LCD monitors. They range from budget to panels too expensive or professional quality. The average consumer usually has no idea what LCD panel technology is used in their LCD. But you can take LCD or LED from old Monitor.


Lcd motherboard:

lcd tv boards explained

This is a Motherboard for LCD monitor. you can use multiple sources on this motherboard.

it’s run with 12 volts only. 

we can use 5 input Source for this motherboard:

TV Channel: one if the best source is TV channel. you can Watch tv channel on this LCD.

USB Source: It’s very important to use the pen drive to our TV. we can play our own liked video and music.

DVD or VCD: If we want to use Dvd or VCD to this TV we can. we can play our own liked DVD or VCD.

HDMI: We can use PC with this LCD liked before. we can Watch high definition Video to this LCD used this HDMI cable.

VGA: here have VGA port for using Pc.

High Voltage Board:

high voltage circuit

We need a high Voltage Board for making this Lcd. Because we need Light to see the Picture on the panel. there has 2 high voltage tube light inside the panel for making light.

12 Voltage SMPS:

LCD power supply

We also need 12 volts 4-ampere SMPS circuit for this Mother Board. This motherboard run with DC 12 volt. we must use a good one power supply. otherwise, the motherboard can’t run properly. so make sure first your 12 Volt is strong.

Let’s Watch the Video how to make LCD TV. 


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