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how to repair iron at home

how to repair iron at home:

Here in this article, we are going to learn how to repair an electric iron? first, we are going to learn about Cloths iron. What’s have a electric iron.how to repair iron at home.

how to repair iron at home
how to repair iron at home

We can see in this picture there has an electric heater coil. Normally this coil is 1000 Watts for home use one. and the business one is 2000 Watts. In a business electric iron doesn’t have the control or the regulator. But for home use iron are different kinds of. it’s not like as the business one. there has a controller or regulator. this regulator is not like the electric fan regulator. fan regulator controls the voltage. but iron regulator can’t control the voltage. it’s work like as switch. it like as the thermal switch.there has a connector which connector works with heat temperature. how to repair iron at home


Now we can watch an iron Review Video.

Watch the video. we can get a general knowledge of an electric iron. we can see it’s a simple work. we can see the natural has gone to the coil direct. and the main line has gone by using the regulator.and also we can see an electric bulb. has connected to the heater coil. when the coil will get current than the bulb also will make light for our notice. the light notices us the switching the heater.

Repairing the iron: 

If we can see that iron can’t make hot. our 1st work will check the wire and the plug. if they are ok. then we will check the regulator. we have to clean the regulator. if also can’t work we have to change the regulator. Before the change the regulator we must check the coil. we put the current direction to the coil. if it makes hot then we change the regulator.

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