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How to repair dental x-ray machine?

How to repair dental x-ray machine?

                                                      How to repair dental x-ray machine?

Dental X-Ray machine and Hospital X-ray machine are same technology. Both are same. one controller,one transformer,and one tube. For Hospital X-ray machine are big. need so power, this why we use there a high kw controller, high kv transformer, and big tube. But for Dental no need high power X-ray Machine, Here we use only for teeth x-ray. this why we use a small machine. here I am repairing a dental x-ray you can see. this machine had high voltage problem in the tube. this type of x-ray machine used transformer and tube together. we called Head. 


the problem was inside the tube. when I making a x-ray, the x-ray tube made a big sound like sparking. I opened the tube and saw one coil has burned little bit. it’s makes spark with tube body. the coil like as hair. so I opened it as so carefully. the coil had in side the oil. first I take out all oil from the head. after i take out the x-ray tube. then I opened the high voltage transformer. the transformer have many layer. slowly I opened the coil by counting the turn of wire. 

after then again I make the transformer. after I put back the transformer and the tube, I used new oil. I keep it 24 hour after putting the oil. please be care full no bubble will be in side the tube. and solder all wire so carefully. after everything. I connected the 200 watts light for test the controller. when you shoot the light will making light for a while only. it’s depend on your giving time. after I connect with tube. and shoot. Really It never making sparking. it working. making x-ray. be careful it’s a High Danger Work for new people. you can get a accident if you are new. so please don’t try to repair x-ray machine with out knowledge about x-ray machine. How to repair dental x-ray machine? 

Please take it easy If i am wrong. 


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