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how to repair amplifier 2000 Watts

how to repair an amplifier 2000 Watts using 2SC5200 and 2SA1943

how to repair an amplifier 2000 Watts using 2SC5200 and 2SA1943: Here in this article we are going to learning how to repair amplifier. here in this article, we can learn how to check and how to change the transistor. end of this article we can watch a video for check and change the transistor.

how to repair amplifier

here in this amplifier used 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 transistor. this amplifier used 2 amplifier circuit board. every circuit has 12 transistors. 6 are 2sc5200 and another 6 are 2sa1943. 




End of this article You can see in the video we used a toroidal transformer. 50-0-50 Voltage and 20 Ampere. we know that 1 transistor  1.2 amperes. we used 12 transistors. So 1.2 X 12 = 14.4 ampere need. we used 2 amplifier circuit board. So we need 14.4+14.4=28.8 ampere can take this 2 circuit board. we know this TTA1943 and TTC5200 can take max 1.2 ampere for this cause  We used 20 amperes of the transformer.

Watts: We know that Voltage X Ampere = Watts. so we used 50 voltage and 20 amperes, 50X20=1000 Watts.

1000 watts. so one circuit can give 1000 Watts. 

how to repair amplifier

nowadays this transistor has a copy.  there have many copy transistor on the market. we must have to use original transistors. otherwise, you have to face a lot’s of problem. many time you have to change the transistor. you can not be satisfied with the amplifier as you want. it can’t give the good performance. so please use the original transistor.

If you want to know that how to find out the original transistor just watch this video.

So how to change transistor or how to repair transistor amplifier? just Watch the video. to know how to check and replace the transistor. we can learn from this video.

So let’s Watch the video first,

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