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how to repair amplifier circuit

how to repair an amplifier circuit using TTA1943 and TTC5200:

Here in this post, we can learn that how to repair an amplifier circuit. here we are going to repair an 8 transistor amplifier circuit. we can watch the video also. first, we checked the Fuse which fuse is in the circuit. if anywhere have a problem then the fuse should be burnt. here in this video, we will see that the fuse has burnt. for this, I changed the fuse. after changing the fuse we find out that the circuit has the short voltage. then we checked and change the transistor. how to repair amplifier circuit?

how to repair amplifier circuit
How to Repair an amplifier 1000 Watts using 2SC5200 and 2SA1943

this circuit used 45-0-45 and 10-ampere transformer. this is a china amplifier circuit board. one transistor can take 1.3 amperes. here used 8 transistors. So 8X1.3=10.4 amperes need for this circuit board. and we can use the maximum 50-0-50 voltage for this circuit.

let’s go to watch the video first


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