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how to make power doubler?

how to make power doubler:

Now we are going to learn that how to make power doubler? sometimes we need to make the power doubler. like we need 24 voltage but we have 12 voltage transformer then what to do? we had open only one way that’s is to make the power doubler. it’s so easy to making the power doubler if you know that. but we can make this power doubler but we have to know that this power is not so strong. we need only one 12 voltage transformer or lower what’s we have. then we need 4 or 6 or 8 capacitors according to our needs. and needs 2 pieces of the diode. 

how to make power doubler?
how to make power doubler

we can see in this photo that how to make a power doubler? we can get 3 or 4 type of voltage. we can use 12 voltage, 24 voltage, or 36 voltage according to our needs. we can see that we use 100voltage and 10000 uf capacitor. we use 6 pieces of the capacitor. we can see here 2 are blue and 4 are yellow. don’t be upset all are the same value. we also can see that we use 12 voltage 1000mA transformer

let’s go to watch a video to make the power doubler. 


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