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how to make music light show

how to make music light show:

how to make music light show

Every amplifier needs a music light for it’s looking. Every time I use music light as my amplifier. how to make music light show.Which amplifier I make. Now you can learn how to make a music light system by your own self.

it’s so easy to make. this circuit diagram based on ic ka2284. let’s Watch the video.how to make audio music light?



Do you Watch the video how to make audio music light?

here this IC git 5 output only. one is -volt is common for all 

light. and another 5 out for 5 light. if you want to use more light you can.This diagram run with 12 volts but in output light will be all are 3 voltage. like following this video. Really I like the music light when I play the music. the light makes the music more enjoyable when you play. Just think your room making light according to music rhythm and you are dancing with your girlfriend or Wife.

everywhere you can make this disco light. like Home, Bar, Disco, as you want.  so if anyone wants to make this Music disco music light just watch this video and try to make your self. 

Thanks a lot to be with us.



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