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what is center tap transformer

What is center tap transformer?

Transforms is a electrical energy from one circuit to another without any direct electrical connection. We had to use the transformer everywhere. but nowadays we can use SMPS circuit also. in SMPS also have the center tap. Normally we use Positive and Negative voltage transformer. but center tap has 3 output. Positive, Negative and Ground Voltage. we need this transformer for making the amplifier. normally in a transformer has primary and the secondary wire. for primary we use AC 110v/220 voltage. and we can get output from secondary what’s we need. here secondary has 2 wire output. But in a center tap transformer has 3 wire for the output voltage. center tap transformer:


center tap transformer
what is center tap transformer

center tap transformer:

What is center tap transformer?we can see in this photo there has 3 output wire for secondary. and also we can see the use of this transformer to making AC to DC Voltage. here used a Diode for convert the voltage AC to DC. and also we can see how to use 6 capacitors for the voltage.The center tap transformer has 3 secondary output. the middle one is for ground voltage. another two for making the positive and negative voltage using the diode. For transistor amplifier need center tap voltage. Positive, Negative and the ground Voltage.

center tap transformer
center tap transformer


Here in this video, we can watch that how to make center tap transformer using without center tap wire. Really it’s so important for us to know. Many people ask me to make a video using this type of transformer. for this cause I make a video for them who asked me. But always remember that it’s not the real rules. Please try to use center tap transformer for making dual voltage.

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