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How to make an Amplifier?

1000 Watts amplifier Changing driving Transistor

how to make an amplifier

1000 Watts amplifier. Changing driving Transistor. We are going to Repairing 1000 Watts amplifier.It’s a Dual channel mode amplifier. Changing driving Transistor.Here in this article, I repair an amplifier. first time When I check the amplifier I find out the fuse has blown ready.then I check the amplifier circuit where …

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Center tap transformer for transistor amplifier.

Center tap transformer

Center tap transformer for transistor amplifier.  What is the transformer?  transforms is a electrical energy from one circuit to another without any direct electrical connection. We had to use the transformer to everywhere. but nowadays we can use SMPS circuit also. in SMPS also have the center tap. Normally we use Positive …

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