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how to make amplifier circuit and add more transistor

how to make amplifier circuit using 2sa1943 and 2sc5200:

It’s very easy to make or add more transistor to your amplifier if you have A1943 and C5200 transistor amplifier. Now we are going to learn how to make amplifier circuit or add.

here in this video, we add more transistor to this amplifier circuit. Here we use a transistor for making this amplifier. We use C5200 and A1943 transistor. We use 4 transistor board for making this amplifier. here in this article, we use one circuit board for making the mono sound.this circuit has 1 piece of 2sa1943 and 2sc5200. we are going to add more transistor to this circuit. here in this video, we add another 2 transistors. here we can learn how to make amplifier and can add to our old amplifier. A1943 is a PNP transistor and C5200 is an NPN transistor.Each transistor 1.2 Ampere. but in this diagram which I draw for you there, I add another 4 transistors in this circuit. 

this is the transistor,



As I use 6 transistors so I had to use 1.2 X 6 =7.2 ampere. we can use Maximum 7.2 ampere for this diagram. we know that Voltage X Ampere = Watts. here we are using 40-0-40 voltage and 6 amperes transformer. so, 40X6=240Watts we can get from this circuit. we also can use 50-0-50 Voltage and 6 amperes. then we can get 50 X 6 = 300 Watts from this circuit board.In the power supply module, we have 2capacitors 4700uF/80v or more and one 20A bridge rectifier diode.

here we can see a diagram of how to use the center tap transformer and also can learn how to use two or more capacitor for getting good voltage and ampere.

how to use diode


always use bridge diode with the heat sink to protect the diode from overheat. 

Now let’s go to watch that video how to add more transistor.


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