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24 volt dc motor for bicycle

24-volt dc motor for bicycle:

it’s a 24 volt motor for the bicycle. you can ride your bicycle for long. 

you can make an easy bicycle by your own self. nowadays the market has available this motor for the bicycle.

It’s can run by using 24 volts but need minimum 13.5 amp for good performance. you are using this motor to your

cycle so you need to use 24 volt Battery. you can’t find 1 pic 24-volt battery. Use 12+12=24  volt.


it’s a 200 Watts dc motor.

Let’s watch the 24-volt dc motor for the bicycle to this video.


24V DC 
Max 200 Watt, 13.5 amps. Max 2750 RPM. Belt Drive 5M Belt. Type of motor: DC, Brush
Reversible.12 gauge leads. Permanent Magnet


Diameter: 4″
Length approx. (no shaft): 3″
Length approx (with shaft): 4″ 
In brushed motors, invented in the 19th century, this is done with a rotary on the motor’s shaft called a commutator. It consists of a rotating cylinder divided into multiple metal contact segments on the rotor. The segments are connected to wire electromagnet winding on the rotor. Each time the rotor rotates by 180° the commutator reverses the direction of the electric current applied to a given winding, so the magnetic field creates a torque in one direction. Two or more stationary contacts called “brushes”, made of a soft conductor like graphite press against the commutator, making sliding electrical contact with successive segments as the rotor turns, providing electric current to the winding. Continuous operation is commonly available over a speed range. Infinite range (smooth control down to zero speed) for short duration or reduced load is also common
Brushless motors are found in many modern cordless tools notably weed whackers
Industrial applications use dc motors because the speed-torque relationship can be varied to almost any useful form for both dc motor and regeneration applications in either direction of rotation. 

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