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1000 Watts amplifier Changing driving Transistor

1000 Watts amplifier. Changing driving Transistor.

We are going to Repairing 1000 Watts amplifier. It’s a Dual channel mode amplifier. Changing driving Transistor. Here in this article, I repair an amplifier. first time When I check the amplifier I find out the fuse has blown ready. then I check the amplifier circuit where is the problem? after checking I find out the driver transistor TTA1943 has blown ready. then I change the driver transistor. Driver transistor drives the all main transistor.

1000 Watts amplifier

TTA1943 1(Base) 2(Collector) 3(Emitter).

You can also use Transistor A940. Transistor A940 and TTA1943 are same. but for high ampere please use TTA1943.In this circuit has 2 sides Positive side and the Negative side. TTA1943 is negative Transistor and TTC5200 is Positive Transistor.here have 2 driver transistor one is A940 or TTA1943 for the negative side. and another is the positive side you can use C2973 or TTC5200.




1000 Watts amplifier

We can see there have 2 big transistors. we use TTA193 and TTC5200 for the good performance. Because we use 50 voltage and 20ampere. 

 1000 Watts amplifier

We use 50 voltage 20-ampere transformer. we know that Voltage X ampere = Watts. 

So, 50×20=1000Watts. so this is a 1000 watts amplifier.

Always use an extra transistor otherwise the transistor will be hot and will be blown. 

What is an amplifier?

The amplifier is a way of making a small sound to a big sound. Normally we give priority to the transistor. it’s not the right way to making an amplifier. The right way is important is the transformer. Watts depends on the transformer.

Let’s go to watch the Video changing the driver transistor. 

It’s very easy to change the driver transistor. like that, you also can change the all-transistor if another is damage. 

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