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TDA7293 used in 100 Watts amplifier circuit

100 Watts circuit diagram using tda7293:

TDA7293 is a high watt audio ic. very high operating voltage Range.DOMS POWER STAGE audio amplifier. We can get 100 Watts from this circuit. so 100+100 = 200 Watts. in mono, we can get 100 Watts. and in stereo, it will be 40 Watts. it is high output power (100Watts). It has Muting standby functions and very low distortion. It also has short circuit protraction (thermal shutdown). The TDA7293 is a monolithic integrated circuit in the multi-watt package. It is Audio class AB amplifier in HI-FI mode. Home Stereo Speaker. Wide voltage range to the high out current capability. It is able to supply the high power output into both 4ohm and 8ohm loads. 

100 Watts amplifier circuit

This is the diagram, 


here in this diagram, we can see 2 IC for making the stereo audio amplifier. both IC 100 Watts. So 100+100=200 Watts. We can use 12 Voltage to 40 Voltage. Because this is a high power amplifier circuit and high operating voltage Range.we have to use center tub transformer to run this amplifier circuit board. We can use Voltage 12-0-12 to 40-0-40. We know that Voltage X Ampere = Watts. as we can get 100 Watts from this IC so Watts/voltage= ampere.



100/12=8.3 ampere need. so if we use 12 Voltage we have to use 8.3 amperes. or we are using 24 voltage then we need 100/24=4.1Ampere need. but always we have to remain that the Watts will depend on your transformer. here will be use center tap transformer and the center tap voltage. Positive Voltage, Negative Voltage, and the ground voltage. this is a center tap transformer. we can see in the picture. here in this picture, we use one bridge diode and 6 capacitors for making AC to DC Voltage. What’s we can see in this picture diagram? 

100 Watts amplifier circuit

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